“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world…an opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way.” Ted Hughes

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Nkonkoni Fishing Camp is situated within the Pongola Game Reserve in the beautiful Pongolapoort Biosphere.

Close to the southern shores of the Pongolapoort (Jozini) Dam, in the Bird Sanctuary part of the Biosphere, and overlooks the western escarpment of the majestic Lebombo Mountains and the endless savannah woodland of northern Zululand. The Pongolapoort Dam, with its variety of wildlife, is referred to as a mini-Kariba. Some of the animals which may be seen include elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, giraffe and many species of antelope. The dam is home to hippos, crocodiles and of course, the fighting TIGER FISH! The dam covers approximately 16 000 hectares with a river stretch of approximately 5km. Fishing takes place from boats and we support the “catch and release” method.

Welcome to Nkonkoni Fishing Camp

Did you know?

  • The fishing boat launch is 1km from camp
  • Arrival/Departure times: Check-in 14:00 | Check-out 10am (including public holidays)
  • Office hours: 7am – 4pm
  • Catering available
  • We have boma’s and communal boma’s
  • Elephants can be seen from the boat on the North-Eastern shores of the dam
  • Likely to see: warthog, nyala, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, impala & giraffe

Fishing in Pongolapoort Dam

The dam covers +/- 16 000 hectares, with a river stretch of approximately 5 km.

The tigerfish population here is ever growing with decent specimens only starting to appear in the early nineties.  A record specimen was caught in 1998 weighing 8.3kg and some in the 5 – 7kg ranges are still being caught.  Average size is still under a kilo and specimens up to 4kg are quite possible in a 3-day fishing trip.

One never tires trying to tackle the tiger, be it the hard bony jaws, big teeth, sheer cunningness or remote areas.  Their fantastic skill to bite through a lure/bait is what makes them such an exciting fish to catch.  An average of 4:1 is expected when fishing for tigers.  They attack from the side, then turn the bait around and swallow it headfirst.

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Book a Safari Tent or Chalet and come FISHING

Each Chalet sleeps 4 people on 4 x single beds (2 are positioned together but can be separated). Chalet 1 sleeps 5 people and has 2 bedrooms. All are air-conditioned and equipped with cooking and cleaning facilities. Each Safari Tent sleeps 7 people on 6 x bunk beds and 1 x single bed.

Attractions and Events

Mkuze is a small nearby town

Mkuze is a small nearby town

situated about 11kms from Nkonkoni and the closest town at which to purchase provisions. Mkuze Town It is the name of one of Zululand’s waterways (the Mkuze River) that meanders across the southern expanse of Maputaland, eventually feeding into the St...

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Tiger Fish Bonanza

Tiger Fish Bonanza

The annual Tiger Fish Bonanza is held in September on the Pongolapoort Dam and attracts anglers from all over the country. Pongola Poortdam | Catch & Release | 20 Prizes Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules No livebait may be brought in from elsewhere. No...

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Fishing at Pongolapoort

Fishing at Pongolapoort

Fishing in Pongolapoort Dam At the moment you can use bait such as sardines, chicken hearts and livers, but I would say that sardines have proved to be the best. The line must be about 18 lbs which affords you the opportunity of catching 5kg’s or more. Make sure that...

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